For almost 100 years, CAM has worked in the centre of Africa and been part of the changing face of missions.  We have seen new generations of expat and African workers rise up and do their part. 

We have seen methodologies change too.  But we remain convinced that Christ’s Great Commission to go into the entire world and preach the good news is as topical as ever.

Meet here our expat workers in Congo, Zambia and Mozambique. They continue doing what God has called them to.

CAM is still looking for new personnel. We need men and women willing to go, willing to sacrifice, and willing to commit themselves to the greatest cause ever.  We need Christians willing to collaborate and work in partnership with the local churches.  The task has changed little since the day of the apostles, but time is running out on God's clock and there is still much to do.

In Africa, we look for those willing to engage in teaching and visitation ministry in the vast interior.  Bible Schools are crying out for help.  Street children, HIV sufferers and marginalized people look for help. 

The opportunities are many, all requiring highly motivated men and women, people of great faith and application, who can engage the variety of needs.  CAM is still looking for new personnel.

The harvest is vast and ripe – we ask the question – who will go?  Will you respond?