Wanderley and Rosaria Da Silva

Wanerley and Rosaria Da SilvaWanderley and Rosaria are a Brazilian couple with two grown-up daughters. They have been in Mozambique since 1995.

At first they worked for various Christian NGOs, mainly in humanitarian and relief ministries, but in 2008 they applied to CAM because they wanted a more evangelistic emphasis, with better opportunities for preaching the Gospel and teaching God’s Word in Mozambique. 

Having joined CAM early in 2009, and after spending some months in Brazil raising support, they returned to Chimoio in central Mozambique.

Prison ministry, literacy, children’s work and church training programmes are their main area of activity. In April 2010, work began on the construction of a large CAM house on an extensive plot of land in Chimoio. Two years later, in July 2012, the house was completed, decorated and furnished. Now the da Silvas could leave their rented property and move in.

One of their main occupations at present is the construction of a youth training centre.  This is oneof our Centenary Projects.

Being Brazilian, Wanderley & Rosaria speak fluent Portuguese – the official language used in Mozambique. They have gradually been improving their skills in English so that now, we no longer need to communicate with the help of a translator!