Gordon and Sybil McKillop

Gordon, an experienced mechanic/engineer, and Sybil, a nurse/midwife, both come from Motherwell Elim Church in Scotland. After their marriage in 1972, they became seriously interested in missions. By 1979, they felt a definite call to Congo and so they went to Elim Bible College to help prepare for this. After French language studies, they arrived in Kamina, Congo, in April 1982, with Bobby, 8, and ‘wee’ Gordon, 6. Susan was born the following year.

After nine years of ministry at Kamina, the McKillops were evacuated to Lubumbashi, along with all our missionaries, in October 1991. It was not possible for them to return to Kamina, so from January 1992, they were based in Lubumbashi and worked here for another seven years. Sybil got involved in a major feeding programme for undernourished children and later a street kids ministry. Gordon continued working on Bible teaching, maintaining vehicles, general repairs and lorry supply trips.

In May 1999, when returning to Congo after a furlough in UK, Gordon & Sybil were turned back at the Zambia/Congo border because of problems with their papers. So, after a few weeks, they moved to Nyangombe, a remote mission station in NW Zambia, where they were soon ‘snapped up’ to become key workers in the ministry of the Nyangombe Christian Training Centre. Their involvement includes engineering projects and farm management for Gordon, Sunday school and medical work for Sybil, and they both teach in Bible seminars for different groups. Their grown-up children, currently in Scotland and Northern Ireland, have given them seven grandchildren.