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CAM International’s work in Zambia just at the end of the 1990’s when Gordon and Sybil McKillop, after a time in UK, couldn’t get back to Congo.  Initially as a temporary measure they went to Nyangombe Christian Training Centre in North West Zambia, helping with the work there.  Initially turned into permanent and now CAM International has a presence, not only at Nyangombe, but also in the Copperbelt (Ndola).

In Zambia, as in Congo, a large part of the work is in Bible teaching and training.  But we also have a medical connection, HIV/AIDS work, church ministry, etc. The need is great.  With 55% of the population aged under 21, and with 15% of the population being HIV positive, there is a lot to do.

Gordon, an experienced mechanic/engineer, and Sybil, a nurse/midwife, both come from Motherwell Elim Church in Scotland. After their marriage in 1972, they became seriously interested in missions. By 1979, they felt a definite call to Congo and so they went to Elim Bible College to help prepare for this. After French language studies, they arrived in Kamina, Congo, in April 1982, with Bobby, 8, and ‘wee’ Gordon, 6. Susan was born the following year.

After nine years of ministry at Kamina, the McKillops were evacuated to Lubumbashi, along with all our missionaries, in October 1991. It was not possible for them to return to Kamina, so from January 1992, they were based in Lubumbashi and worked here for another seven years. Sybil got involved in a major feeding programme for undernourished children and later a street kids ministry. Gordon continued working on Bible teaching, maintaining vehicles, general repairs and lorry supply trips.

In May 1999, when returning to Congo after a furlough in UK, Gordon & Sybil were turned back at the Zambia/Congo border because of problems with their papers. So, after a few weeks, they moved to Nyangombe, a remote mission station in NW Zambia, where they were soon ‘snapped up’ to become key workers in the ministry of the Nyangombe Christian Training Centre. Their involvement includes engineering projects and farm management for Gordon, Sunday school and medical work for Sybil, and they both teach in Bible seminars for different groups. Their grown-up children, currently in Scotland and Northern Ireland, have given them seven grandchildren. 

Wanerley and Rosaria Da SilvaWanderley and Rosaria are a Brazilian couple with two grown-up daughters. They have been in Mozambique since 1995.

At first they worked for various Christian NGOs, mainly in humanitarian and relief ministries, but in 2008 they applied to CAM because they wanted a more evangelistic emphasis, with better opportunities for preaching the Gospel and teaching God’s Word in Mozambique. 

Having joined CAM early in 2009, and after spending some months in Brazil raising support, they returned to Chimoio in central Mozambique.

Prison ministry, literacy, children’s work and church training programmes are their main area of activity. In April 2010, work began on the construction of a large CAM house on an extensive plot of land in Chimoio. Two years later, in July 2012, the house was completed, decorated and furnished. Now the da Silvas could leave their rented property and move in.

One of their main occupations at present is the construction of a youth training centre.  This is oneof our Centenary Projects.

Being Brazilian, Wanderley & Rosaria speak fluent Portuguese – the official language used in Mozambique. They have gradually been improving their skills in English so that now, we no longer need to communicate with the help of a translator!

Carol SeymourCarol has been working in Congo with CAM for over 40 years.

She became a Christian while in her first year at Nottingham University, studying maths and philosophy.  Soon after this, she joined the AOG church in her home town of Wickford, Essex. During her second year of studies, she received her missionary call while at West Bridgford AOG church, Nottingham. The pastor put her in touch with CAM (then ZEM), who recommended that she first finish her degree and get a teaching qualification. After her probationary teaching year, Carol went to Belgium for French language studies and then out to Congo in August 1973.

Carol’s initial place of work was Kamina in southern Congo. She settled into teaching at the church secondary school. An evangelist at heart, she helped organise a youth meeting called ‘Ambassadors for Christ’ on Sunday afternoons. Later, she worked with a local team of teachers and young folk, going out every Sunday afternoon to share the Gospel. In the eighties, she began a weekend visitation of churches in the area and saw God do miracles of healing following a personal revelation or word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit regarding the sickness or healing. She also began holding meetings at Kamina prison, seeing God transform the lives of hardened criminals.

In October 1991, all our missionaries were evacuated from Congo (then Zaire). Carol’s ‘temporary’ residence at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, from January 1992, became permanent, as it was not possible to return to Kamina. Since then, a strong working relationship has developed with Ginny Perkins, who joined CAM in 1991, and they developed a joint ministry in the prisons, church visitation and in producing programmes for State and local TV and radio. This fruitful ministry partnership has continued for over 20 years, with Carol generally sharing the Gospel or a Bible message while Ginny plays her guitar and sings.

Mozambique flagA land crying out for new Christian workers - Mozambique has been described as one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also wide open to the gospel.  Peace has been maintained only since the end of guerrilla warfare in 1995.  Today churches exist in this former Portuguese territory, but most of them are weak, lacking in Bible knowledge.

Reinforcements are needed to help our missionary couple there, and also to enable CAM to move into areas where Islam is the major religion.  There are openings into the prisons, schools as well as many churches.  The call is for versatile, dedicated, Portuguese-speaking teachers who can trust God while facing big challenges.