Our Future


Having reached its 100th anniversary, CAM International finds itself at a time of new beginnings.  Open doors for ministry have brought us to a place where we see God leading us in exciting new directions.

Along with other missions, we recognize that we will never accomplish the task of the Great Commission alone.  So CAM International is starting to change direction, away from simply ‘supplying’ missionaries, and into the additional task of acting as facilitators to the growing indigenous Christian work in emerging nations. 

We will, of course, still accept missionaries, helping them to follow their calling abroad, but we will also look to partnering with the growing number of African churches which are working for God’s Kingdom.

This is an exciting period for CAM International.  We must maintain what has already been established over the past century, but we need your prayer and support as we seek to network with other groups, and as new relationships are established with believers in Africa and elsewhere.