Who We Are

CAM logoCAM International, as an independent Pentecostal Mission, has been involved in missions in the centre of Africa for nearly 100 years. Since our founding in 1915 scores of missionaries have gone to Africa through this mission, all part of a great work of God.  The face of missions has changed during that time, but, as new generations arise, the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20) remains the same.

Most of our missionaries have come from Assemblies of God in Great Britain and from the Elim Pentecostal Church of Great Britain and Ireland, and we maintain fraternal relationships with these churches.  But we have also had workers from other groups, from the UK and other countries too.

Ethiopian family

CAM International is still looking for new personnel.  We need men and women willing to go, to sacrifice and to commit themselves to the greatest cause ever planned by the Almighty - the salvation of those who are lost as the first step in the establishment of the everlasting Kingdom which is to come.

The task has changed little since the day of the Apostles, but time is running out  and there is still much to do.  We need personnel in Congo who are willing to engage in teaching and visitation ministry in the vast interior.  They need to be people of conviction who are willing to build up the churches.  

Old House Kabongo Congo

In Zambia there are likewise needs for Bible teachers and ministry which overcome the pettiness of denominationalism.  In Mozambique there are many opportunities in the midst of great poverty for highly motivated men and women who can engage a variety of needs, teaching, visiting, planting and challenging.  In fact in all our present fields we need people of great faith and application.  We are also loking to extend into other areas.

You need to know the call of God and be sufficiently equipped in order to preach, teach and practically respond to the voice of the Spirit. If you hear his voice today don't harden your heart!