CAM International – Newslink, 11 July 2017

CAM International – Newslink, 11 July 2017


Dear prayer partners,


Here is some information to help you pray for CAM’s work and missionaries:-


Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands are based at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, CONGO. Lloyd is expected back today from Kasaji, where he has had a week of meetings. It was a two-day trip going there, with the second day very slow – 12 hours of travel – and he was not feeling well. Pray for his safe return and good recovery from the gruelling journey. Pray for lasting results from the teaching given. Back at the Centre, Sandy enjoyed Ruth Garrard’s company. Sandy asks us to pray for Congo. She wrote, ‘the suffering of ordinary families is great and not improving.’


Dave & Ruth Garrard have about 2 more weeks of their stay in CONGO. Dave returned to Lubumbashi yesterday after a very busy week in Kinshasa (the capital): teaching Pentecostal church leaders Weds – Fri; pastors from other churches on Sat; and preaching in the host church on Sunday, with a good response. They want him back next year for a follow-up! Praise God for all these opportunities. May great blessing remain with the churches and their leaders! Pray for Dave’s teaching at ISTELU Bible College through until Thurs. He’s hoping to go to Lwamba over the weekend. Pray for all the arrangements for this to be possible.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop work at Nyangombe in ZAMBIA. There will be two showings of the ‘Jesus’ film this week in the area. Pray for it to touch people’s hearts. Training continues for Children’s Camp teachers, and then, over the long weekend, there will be a leadership seminar for AOG pastors. Pray for these groups to learn well and benefit from the teaching. Gordon & Sybil will be visiting at least 3 different churches each this week for teaching. Pray for God’s anointing on their ministry.


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are based in Chimoio, MOZAMBIQUE. The workers are now painting the Vocational Training Centre’s main building and completing the construction of the pre-school. Praise God! Plans are now underway for a special day on 29 July for youth evangelism in the community near the VTC, also promoting the Centre and courses that will be on offer. Pray for wisdom as this is arranged. Pray for Rosaria – not feeling very well lately.


Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins were blessed by their time in the Nottingham area, seeing friends, visiting churches and home groups and making many good new contacts. Thank God and pray for interest to be maintained. They will be at Wickford on Sunday, have 2 meetings on Tues and will be going to the Isle of Wight next Weds for a week, with more church visits. Pray for God’s anointing on their ministry. News from Congo: 1. A massive increase in prisoners at Lubumbashi’s local prison recently (nearly 1,000 more!) Pray for this situation.

2. Pray for preparations for the Lighthouse Youth Camp during 1st week of August. Personal: Carol requests prayer for her brother-in-law Andy, about to start dialysis and just been told he has bone marrow cancer. He’s not a Christian. Pray for God’s intervention in his life.


Andrew & Lyn Ramsey arrived in Ndola, ZAMBIA, last Friday and had a great weekend at the Oasis church’s ‘Revival Crusade’, with Andrew speaking 4 times and adapting his Sun a.m. message for a funeral service. Thank God for His powerful touch. Pray for the Ramseys’ contacts with church leaders and former colleagues to be a blessing. Pray for this Sat afternoon, as Andrew gives training to church leaders and Lyn has a session with the ladies.


Thank you for praying. Our CAM personnel really appreciate your interest and support.


Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 18 July.