CAM International – Newslink, 4 July 2017

CAM International – Newslink, 4 July 2017


Dear prayer partners,


Here is some information to help you pray for CAM’s work and missionaries:-


Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands are based at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, CONGO.  The church at the Centre has just finished 70 DAYS of prayer - every day except Saturday, with 200+ people praying for the nation and for revival in the church. Praise God! Pray for their prayers to be answered! Lloyd left yesterday (Mon) with Pastor Betavie (Superintendent of the Pentecostal churches started by CAM’s pioneers) and other leaders for a week of meetings at Kasaji, near the Angolan border. He was only asked to go on Sunday! Pray for a fruitful week. Sandy is pleased that she will have Ruth Garrard’s company while their husbands are away!


Dave & Ruth Garrard are in CONGO for about 6 weeks. Dave had a full week at Kolwezi, teaching every day, with 2 different groups. On Friday 30 June, the provincial governor wanted to attend the church where Dave was based, with his entourage of 50+ people, so teaching was cancelled that morning and Dave preached the Gospel instead! Praise God for this opportunity and for some who responded to the message. Back in Lubumbashi, on Sunday Dave was given 1½ hours to preach in a church on a requested subject: Christ’s return. Praise God for ‘a great time and afterwards a very good prayer time with all.’ Today Dave and Kazadi flew to Kinshasa for a week’s seminar with the Pentecostal group leaders, and with pastors from other churches on Saturday. Pray for God’s blessing on all who participate in these meetings.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop work at Nyangombe in ZAMBIA. This is a very busy week for them. The Youth Camp finishes today, then training takes place all day Sat and Sun for teachers in preparation for the August Children’s Camp. Increasing numbers of babies and toddlers are being brought in for nutritional help, due to hard times. Pray for Nyangombe’s ministry to all these groups of needy youngsters. Gordon has two trips to Solwezi this week (with 3am starts!) to get UK visitors to their flights. Pray for him to know God’s strength.


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are based in Chimoio, MOZAMBIQUE. They mention their Isuzu pick-up, which still has problems. Pray that they will find a good local mechanic. They have received help from Brazil, sponsoring a needy widow who lives near the Vocational Centre. Thank God. Pray for the ongoing work to complete the building of the Centre.


Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are on leave, visiting churches and friends in UK. They are currently speaking in churches and home groups in the Nottingham area. Some churches are new to them. Pray for fruitful ministry, raising interest in CAM and finding new supporters. Carol and Ginny are also seeing Ginny’s mother, in Fakenham, as often as possible - she lost her husband in May. Thank God that they are on hand and able to visit. Pray for Nora Perkins.


Andrew & Lyn Ramsey leave on Thurs for a 3-week visit to Ndola, ZAMBIA, where they worked from 2002-2011. Kym Delport is now in charge of the CAM administration, based in Gloucester. Peter Marett, former admin assistant, will kindly cover some days at the Preston office. Pray for God’s blessing on the Ramseys’ ministry – starting with meetings at the Oasis church immediately and over the weekend - and their contacts with Zambian colleagues.


Thank you for praying. Our CAM personnel really appreciate your interest and support.



Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 11 July.