CAM International – Newslink, 20 June 2017

CAM International – Newslink, 20 June 2017


Dear prayer partners,


Here is some information to help you pray for CAM’s work and missionaries:-


Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands are based at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, CONGO. Last Tues, Lloyd crossed the border into Zambia to collect literature and bring the Garrards up from Ndola (see below). The border crossings went smoothly both ways. The journey to Lubumbashi on Weds went well and they were able to take back 16 boxes of books – Bible study guides that have been reprinted, thanks to the Centenary Fund. Praise God for the safe travel and for this literature. Pray that it will be widely used and be a blessing. Lloyd plans to go out to Tumbwe on Sat with Agape Project participants who need to harvest their maize. Thank God for the good harvest and pray for blessing on those involved, and their families. Sandy is enjoying having Dave & Ruth with them. Pray for her with her extra duties, cooking meals, etc.


Dave & Ruth Garrard are now based in Lubumbashi after 6 weeks in Zambia. They will stay in Congo for another 6 weeks. After their arrival last Weds, they had ‘non-stop people at the door’ to see them. Dave was also arranging his schedule. Yesterday he started a week of teaching on ‘The Holy Spirit’ at ISTELU Bible College, near the base at Living Waters. Pray for stamina for Dave and for the students to be impacted and blessed by the course. Dave hopes to travel to Kolwezi on Sunday for another week of teaching. Pray that this will work out. Pray for Ruth as she helps Sandy with work at the Centre.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop work at Nyangombe, NW ZAMBIA. Last Weds, Gordon and 4 other Nyangombe leaders had to appear in court in Lusaka (620 miles away) to hear a further false claim of ownership of the Nyangombe Christian Training Centre. The good news is that this was shown to be a criminal offence, as the case had already been judged and thrown out the previous year in Kitwe. The Nyangombe leaders were gracious towards the opposition, releasing them from a huge fine they could never pay. A document was signed which will ensure no such claim can ever be brought again. Gordon wrote, ’We really felt the Lord’s presence with us during the proceedings and thank you all sincerely for your prayers over the past 7 years.’ Praise God for this victory! Pray for God’s blessing on the ongoing Bible School and teaching of trainees at Nyangombe.


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are back in Chimoio, MOZAMBIQUE, after their break in Brazil. Wanderley reports that his blood sugar levels, which were very high, have now normalized. Praise God! Pray for them both to keep in good health. Their focus now is on completing the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) and painting the entire building. Their goal is to start some VTC courses in July/Aug this year – tailoring; art and crafts; music... Wanderley did a photography course in Brazil and will teach this. Their daughter Dayene has taken some beautician courses in Brazil and will be their first volunteer teacher at VTC, also helping with project management. Pray for her – she flies out to Mozambique on Saturday. Pray for all these plans, for a good number of students, and for courses to start on time.


Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are in UK. They helped Maureen Lee move house last Friday and all went well.  Pray for CAM trustee Maureen as she settles in. This Weds eve they are speaking at a new church in King’s Lynn; on Sunday at trustee Andy McManus’s church in Morton, Lincs. Pray for God’s blessing on their ministry. They received good news from Congo – a Bike Evangelism school, closed a year ago, is due to reopen soon. Praise God!


Thank you for praying. It means so much to our CAM personnel to have your support.



Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 27 June.