CAM International – Newslink, 30 May 2017

CAM International – Newslink, 30 May 2017


Dear prayer partners,


Here is some information to help you pray for CAM’s work and missionaries:-


Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands are based at the Living Waters Centre in Lubumbashi, DR CONGO. Lloyd returned yesterday from Kasenga – a very long and uncomfortable bus ride. The seminar had gone well, with about 40 pastors, elders and deacons from the area participating, although the Saturday sessions were cancelled because of the death of a church member. Pray for Lloyd’s teaching to be remembered and applied by all who attended. They still need their niece Shiphrah’s papers from Immigration so that she can visit them. Keep praying. The Living Waters church has extended its 40 days of prayer to 50. Pray for God’s blessing on these people as they seek to reach out to those around.


Gordon & Sybil McKillop, at Nyangombe in NW ZAMBIA, ask us to pray for the 3-week Bible School in progress, with 65 students working hard and teachers addressing and correcting lots of doctrinal issues. Yesterday Gordon took 4 visitors to Solwezi for their connecting flight to Lusaka – a 12-hour round trip for Gordon. Thank God for this team’s contribution at Nyangombe – Bible teaching, overhauling a tractor and checking over all the computers. Pray for Logan and Kelly, spending 3 months at Nyangombe doing youth and children’s work.


Dave & Ruth Garrard are currently based in Ndola, ZAMBIA. Thank God, they now have their Congo visas ready for a visit there in June/July. Last week, Dave was able to do some practical repair work, especially on a part of the main CAM house where the roof was sagging. He hopes to finish it today. Thank God, Dave knew what to do and was able to improvise to fix the problem. On Sunday, Dave spoke at the church of a Congolese pastor he met at the consulate. Praise God for the good response to his message. Pray for Dave as he speaks at the Oasis church prayer meeting tomorrow (Weds). On Saturday, Dave & Ruth will drive to Nyangombe for a week of teaching pastors. Pray for them on this gruelling 12-hour + journey.


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are on leave in BRAZIL. Rosaria’s father was 100 years old last Wednesday and, although he was discharged from hospital on the Monday, he was unwell again and readmitted on his birthday. Pray for him. Thank God, Rosaria’s mother is much better and out of hospital now. The da Silvas only have 10 days left in Brazil before they return to MOZAMBIQUE (9 June). Pray for them as they complete all they need to do and prepare to go back.


Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are on leave in UK. They participated in the Missions Conference at the New Life Church in Croydon, London, which finished yesterday. It was an excellent time of refreshment (along with other missionaries, they were sent to Ashburnham Place in Sussex for a few days’ rest) and a great opportunity to talk about their work in Congo. Thank God for this time. As we informed you, Ginny’s father died on 22 May, just a few days after Ginny was back and went to see him. Her mother and the family are grateful for all the kind messages sent. The funeral will be on Friday 2 June. Please pray for God’s strength and comfort for Ginny and all the family in their loss.


In ETHIOPIA, CAM supports 65 national church planters on a monthly basis. Pray for more individuals and churches to help the Mission shoulder this burden.


Thank you for praying. It means so much to our CAM personnel to have your support.



Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 6 June.