Social work for Jesus

Ruth with needy childre

Dave Garrard (CAM International Director)

Dorcas works closely with her husband Lubuto, who is a leader of a growing group of Pentecostal churches in Zambia.

Supporting orphans
Ruth visited this couple at their home in Kitwe recently. Dorcas told us about their support of a number of orphans in the vicinity. They have found that keeping children in an institution does not seem to work. These children do not adjust well afterwards because they lack the grounding of family connections.

Happy homes
Consequently, they have decided to find adoptive parents and extended families for these children, providing happy and secure homes for them to grow up in. Thus, when they leave home, they have the same experiences and possibilities as children who grow up in a normal family.

Canoe across the river

Canoeing with crocodiles!
The children they support live near Kitwe, on the north-eastern bank of the Kafue River. I remember my father telling me many years ago that there were more crocodiles in the Kafue than in any other river he knew in Zambia. Well, the statistics haven’t changed! Dorcas told us that to keep an eye on the orphans and take them their support, she has to cross the Kafue in a dugout canoe and frequently spots crocodiles during the crossings. But this does not bother her, because as long as she stays in the canoe, she is safe.

Goat project
Lubuto also has a project, but this is with goats. He was given a goat by a friend, but being in town, he couldn’t look after it properly. So he decided on a project to help poor people in his congregation. He gave the goat to a poor person and asked for one of the kids back when it gave birth. Since then, every time the goat has kids he gets one back. He then finds someone else to give a goat to and the same pattern is repeated. The poor people’s herds are multiplying.

This is social work being carried out at a local level in the name of Jesus. May the Lord bless this family and their church!