Ruth with needy childre

Dave Garrard (CAM International Director)

Dorcas works closely with her husband Lubuto, who is a leader of a growing group of Pentecostal churches in Zambia.

Supporting orphans
Ruth visited this couple at their home in Kitwe recently. Dorcas told us about their support of a number of orphans in the vicinity. They have found that keeping children in an institution does not seem to work. These children do not adjust well afterwards because they lack the grounding of family connections.

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Solid, waterproof, locally-built church at Mujila

Gordon McKillop  (CAM International missionary in Zambia)

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus said, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’

Learning to trust
This challenge hasn’t changed in 2000 years. Jesus was well aware of the forces of darkness being set against every people group and that the only response was for men and women to accept a Saviour by faith and become ‘new creations in Christ’ through the Holy Spirit. One of the key areas of discipleship is learning to trust the Lord to provide for every need.

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At worship

Gordon McKillop  (CAM International missionary in Zambia)

A request came at very short notice asking if a youth group could come to Nyangombe Christian Training Centre for a week when local schools closed.

For and against

Our first reaction was, ‘How can we? Programmes haven’t stopped since early April. Nyangombe folks are all tired, having hosted over 3,000 people this year for teaching in one form or another. This is also the planting season and families MUST plant now if they want to eat next year.’ But then someone else commented, ‘Isn’t it good that some

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