Celebrating, Counselling and Cooking

Youth choir

Wanderley da Silva (CAM International missionary in Mozambique)

Webmaster’s note: After being out of touch for a while, Wanderley emailed us on 7 November. ‘We got back from Malawi last week and have not had time to rest. We had a 3-day weekend conference with the youths of the Evangelical Missionary Church in Chimoio… Tomorrow we start a two-day cassava course in a centre for orphans here in Chimoio. So we’ve been rushing these past few days, but I’ll send you more details later and some pictures. Apart from the rush and the heat, we are fine.’ Here is Wanderley’s report, with a selection from the many photos he sent.


Celebration in Malawi
The trip was long and tiring, but God did amazing things. We went to participate in the 10-year anniversary of the Evangelical Missionary Church in Malawi. The celebration lasted five days, with services in the morning, afternoon and evening. On the Saturday, we baptised 69 people in the morning, married four couples at a collective wedding in the afternoon, and held an evangelistic crusade in the evening. It was a festive time and testimony of what God has done in the lives of these people in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. At the wedding, everything was done very simply. Only one of the brides had a wedding dress, so afterwards, the other brides took turns to have their photos taken wearing the
wedding dress.

Wanderley prays at wedding

Youth conference
This was an intensive 3-day conference back here in Chimoio, at which both Rosaria and I ministered. The theme was ‘Called to be Saints’ and we counselled boys and girls separately. It was very rewarding to see their commitment – some had travelled over 100 miles to hear the Word of God. They asked many questions and were eager to learn more. To God be all the honour and glory for what was done during these days!

Cookery course
We did this with the women who take care of the children in the orphanage, teaching them different ways to use cassava in their daily diet. We had a great time and thank the Lord for this opportunity to help these women and share His Word. While we were teaching, a truck hit and damaged the front of our car. Praise God, no-one was hurt, the truck owner took full responsibility, and the car is in working condition again.