Joel’s Testimony

Joel shares his testimony

Wanderley da Silva (CAM International missionary in Mozambique)

I want to share the testimony of a friend in our church here in Chimoio.

Cultural necessity
In Mozambican culture, as soon as a couple is married, the wife needs to get pregnant. Couples that do not have children are not respected - the man is not ‘manly’ enough and the woman is often seen as ‘cursed’ by her in-laws.

Joy and pain
Joel is one of our church’s leaders. After he had been married for a few years without his wife conceiving, his family put pressure on him to find another wife who would give him children. But he went to his pastor for counselling instead and was advised to stay with his wife and to pray and fast for God’s will to be done. God heard his prayer and his wife fell pregnant and gave birth to a boy. They had no words to express their gratitude to God. But when the baby was four months old, he had malaria and unfortunately passed away. It was so sad to see his parents’ suffering and we prayed for God to comfort them and strengthen their faith during this painful time.

Rosaria and Sunday School children

God is sovereign
Joel glorified God by his testimony at the front of church. He said that God is the author of life and that he had prayed for many years for a son. God had granted his wish but had also taken his son. But he had learned that God is sovereign above all things and, even though he lost his only son, he would continue being faithful to God, serving Him with all his heart and seeking His will for the future. Joel went on to say, ‘If God feels that He is ready for us to have children, then may His will be done!’

Wanderley da Silva

Jesus is greater
His testimony filled our hearts with joy and the whole church was blessed. It is wonderful to hear that Jesus is greater than any tradition and culture. We believe that our God is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or think, so we just need to rest in Him, serve Him and our desires will be fulfilled by our God, who never fails!