Youth choir

Wanderley da Silva (CAM International missionary in Mozambique)

Webmaster’s note: After being out of touch for a while, Wanderley emailed us on 7 November. ‘We got back from Malawi last week and have not had time to rest. We had a 3-day weekend conference with the youths of the Evangelical Missionary Church in Chimoio… Tomorrow we start a two-day cassava course in a centre for orphans here in Chimoio. So we’ve been rushing these past few days, but I’ll send you more details later and some pictures. Apart from the rush and the heat, we are fine.’ Here is Wanderley’s report, with a selection from the many photos he sent.

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Joel shares his testimony

Wanderley da Silva (CAM International missionary in Mozambique)

I want to share the testimony of a friend in our church here in Chimoio.

Cultural necessity
In Mozambican culture, as soon as a couple is married, the wife needs to get pregnant. Couples that do not have children are not respected - the man is not ‘manly’ enough and the woman is often seen as ‘cursed’ by her in-laws.

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