Another change for CAM

CAM logo

Andrew Ramsey (CAM UK Administrator)

Change can be annoying and confusing, can’t it? Sometimes we groan when change comes and mutter under our breath. Other times we find change refreshing, giving us the possibility of an easier life and a better way of doing things. Well, now change is coming to Central African Missions and we trust it will be for the better.

UK Charity Law

As a result of recent changes in UK charity law, we have been advised to change the Mission’s legal structure to bring us more in line with the way other charities are working, and this we are doing. (For those of our readers who like legal details, we are changing from a charitable trust to a charitable incorporated organisation, or CIO.)

Most of these changes are legal and administrative, so you will not notice them – it will be business as usual. But one change you will notice immediately is our name – we have to change it! So we will be taking the new name, ‘CAM International’, and the old name, ‘Central African Missions’, will be phased out. You will still be able to call us ‘CAM’, that’s fine. Because of the name change, we will be getting in touch with all our kind supporters who donate through standing orders and/or Gift Aid so that appropriate changes can be made.

CAM-I logo png web sizeNew Logo

A change in name requires a new logo for the Mission too. You can see our new logo here.

Can I emphasize that the aims of the Mission will be exactly the same as before, although a wider scope is envisaged. Please pray for God’s blessing on all that lies ahead for CAM International.