Tesfaye meets Jesus

Dave GarrardDave Garrard (CAM International Director)

The testimony of an experienced church-planting overseer

As a new university graduate, Tesfaye moved between different towns until he met the girl who eventually became his wife. This was in spite of the fact that her father was a member of the Communist Party and not in favour of Tesfaye as a son-in-law.

Demon-possessed wife Within a week of the marriage, his wife changed. She became a recluse, appeared to lose her mind and hid constantly under the table. He loved her, but after a year decided he would have to divorce her as she was clearly demon-possessed.

Vision of Jesus
After making this decision, Tesfaye went to bed. But then Jesus appeared to him! Tesfaye was not a religious person but a pagan, according to his own words. However, he knew that it was Jesus without being told. He felt totally at peace. Jesus said simply that He would work things out for Tesfaye.

Transformed couple
Tesfaye immediately woke his wife and told her they should pray to Jesus. ‘Why should I do that?’ she asked. He told her that Jesus had appeared to him. She said, ‘You’ve been listening to the Pentes!’ (He didn't even know who they were.) As a result, Tesfaye believed in Jesus that evening. His wife believed, too. There was no actual casting out of the demon, but she was totally changed. They both believed, without a preacher or anyone else.

Church members welcoming the arriving preacherBold question
This happened around 1987, during the time of the Communist regime in Ethiopia. The next day, Tesfaye, a teacher, went to the school staff room, which was packed with people, and asked if anyone could tell him about Jesus. No-one spoke because it was the time when people went to prison for being Christians and leaders were executed.

Helpful teacher

During the morning break, a blind teacher asked him if he was Tesfaye. He said he was. ‘Why did you ask that question in the staff room?’ He explained that Jesus had appeared to him and he wanted to go to church. She told him that there was only an underground one. He was so naïve that he thought she meant in a basement! Anyway, she explained salvation and basic doctrine to him and his wife. Tesfaye has been a committed Christian ever since that time.