Dave GarrardDave Garrard (CAM International Director)

The testimony of an experienced church-planting overseer

As a new university graduate, Tesfaye moved between different towns until he met the girl who eventually became his wife. This was in spite of the fact that her father was a member of the Communist Party and not in favour of Tesfaye as a son-in-law.

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Ethiopian believers

Dave Garrard (CAM International Director)

The number of growing churches in the southern area of Ethiopia is phenomenal. One village has a church at either end, with a total of 70 believers. Another village, which is larger, has 130 believers. The Lord has helped them and they have purchased 320 square metres of land for approximately £350 and are now building a church. In another direction, there is a new church plant with 16 new members. This other village has a church building which is too small and needs enlarging because of all the new Christians.

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David Garrard (CAM International Director)

Major difficulty
In some regions a major difficulty can be the lack of Bibles in the local language. This is certainly the case in Ethiopia. Christians in all the major language groups need more Bibles for their churches. It has been estimated that less than 1% of believers in all the churches have a Bible in their own language. A frequent question I am asked when visiting Ethiopia is whether I can help find a solution to this difficulty.

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