Dr Joshua

Dr Joshua Mutangala (Senior Doctor at Lwamba Hospital, Congo)

[Lwamba Hospital was pioneered by Roy and Marion Leeming in 1988 and built by Paul Stephenson and his team. Although responsibility for the hospital has now passed to the Pentecostal Church of Congo, CAM is still involved, and welcomes donations for the hospital and doctors. Dr Ilunga Baba, now retired, was the first doctor at Lwamba. Dr Joshua Mutangala is one of the present doctors, and here is his story.]

I was born and grew up in Lubumbashi. In senior school I majored in the sciences. After years of study at Lubumbashi University, I received my degree in medicine in 2007. I trained for a further year in surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics and internal medicine and gained experience in various private clinics in Lubumbashi.

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Ruashi church

Carol Seymour (CAM International missionary in DR Congo)

I don’t know of any church in UK where the people worship in a building with no roof, or only part of one. But here in Congo, you find them all the time!

Worshipping without a roof
Church congregations can usually manage to construct a building, but the expense of putting a roof on can be too much for them. So, what do they do? Worship, anyway! If it rains, they wait for the rain to stop and so the service could be postponed for two or three hours or, on a rare occasion, it just doesn't happen! If it’s a dry day, they start the meeting as early as possible, because as the sun comes up, it gets hotter and hotter!

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